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Technical Requirements
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Connection Speed: A broadband (DSL, LAN, cable) connection is required.

Browsers: Chrome and Firefox will likely give the best experience. Recent versions of Internet Explorer will also work. Please note that not all of your online course material may work well on a tablet computer or smart phone - you will need access to a desktop or laptop computer.  Microsoft's Edge browser is not currently recommended.

Webcams: Certain courses, and some assignments, require an inexpensive webcam. Webcams are also required for the popular "ProctorU" proctored exam option.

eLearning Course Access << back to top

Beginning of term: Courses appear on the eLearning site on first day of the term.

End of term: Student access to a class expires approximately 10 days after the last day of the term. Make sure that you have backed up your files, or copied and pasted anything that you want to keep in the class before student access ends! You will not have access to classes from previous terms after the 10-day grace period.

Adds and Drops: If you register for a course just before the term begins, or after the term begins, please allow up to 24 hours to see the class appear in eLearning.

  If you've dropped a class or added a class and it hasn't been reflected on your eLearning page within 48 hours please contact .

Help Desk

The eLearning Help Portal << back to top

For technical assistance: Please visit our live-staffed 24/7 eLearning technical Help portal at

 From the Help portal you can choose to have a live webchat with a technician, or open a ticket, or make a phone call. You'll also see a link to the student FAQs at the top of the Help portal

Students and faculty may also call the 24/7 helpdesk. The phone number is 415-442-7070.

If you have questions about scheduling a proctored exam, or filling out the proctor form please contact or phone 415-369-5250 during PST business hours.

For non-technical questions about your course materials and course deliverables, please contact your instructor.    

Proctored Exams << back to top

Many courses that are entirely online will require a proctored exam. Check your syllabus to see if there will be a proctored exam in the course. If you aren't sure if there will be a proctored exam please check with your instructor.

You will get an email from eLearning letting you know when you can schedule a day and time for your proctored exam. You'll have the following options: Taking the exam on campus at Golden Gate University, taking the exam via an online proctoring service called ProctorU (fees apply), or taking the exam via a location affiliated with the Consortium of College Testing Centers.

Questions about proctored exams? Please email

It is your responsibility to choose the location and schedule the exam.

eLearning Course Navigation << back to top

GGU eLearning Orientation: Click here for a brief narrated student orientation of the eLearning platform

Golden Gate University course material is typically broken into sections called weeks, sessions or topics. These groupings will appear sequentially on the course page from top to bottom. Please note that some instructors only open up one or two sections at a time.

Within each section may be items such as "Lectures", "Discussions", "Assignments", "Quizzes" and "Presentations" - among other items that the instructor has listed.

If you have any questions about the syllabus, or what you are required to do each week, please contact the instructor as soon as possible.

Forums (also called "Discussions")

Most fully online courses have at least one Forum, (Forums are also referred to as "Discussions") in each section. Your instructor posts a specific topic and you interact with your instructor and fellow students by reflecting, sharing, posting, questioning, etc. Forums enable you to have a conversation with your classmates and instructor, just as you would in a live classroom. Unless the instructor tells you otherwise, Forums are where the majority of communication takes place in a course.

Forums are a vital part of online courses. Active participation in discussions is the key to a complete learning experience. Rather than simply reading an expert's opinion on a subject, you can interact with the experts --your instructors-- questioning them, sharing your thoughts and opinions, and gathering their responses.   

Assignments (also sometimes called "Dropbox")

Assignments are areas in your course where you are usually asked to upload a file. On the Assignment page will be instructions for the assignment and any due date for the assignment. There will be a "Browse" button where you should browse for and attach your assignment, much like browsing for and attaching an attachment to an email. Alternatively, there may be a drag and drop section on the assignment page where you can drag your assignment file if you'd prefer to do that rather than browser to it.  


Course Time is Pacific Time << back to top

Due dates/times and exam dates/times in the course can be assumed to be Pacific Time. You can take courses on eLearning in any time zone.

If you are ever confused about the due dates or quiz dates in your class make sure to contact your instructor immediately.  

Subscription Emails from Discussion Forums << back to top

The eLearning platform allows you to "Subscribe" to any discussion forum in your class. When you subscribe to a discussion forum it means that any time a post is made in a discussion forum you're subscribed to you will receive an email.

You can manage your subscriptions in each discussion forum individually, or, if you click on the "Forums" link in the Resources box at the bottom left-hand side of your course to see a list of all the discussion forums and choose on a single page which ones to subscribe to. You can unsubscribe at any time with one exception: forums for Latest News and Announcements can usually not be unsubscribed to.

Bookstore << back to top

To purchase course books and materials from eFollett, GGU's official online bookstore, go to        

Golden Gate University Libraries << back to top

Find the GGU Library Home Page at

There are several databases available through the GGU Library for students to conduct research on various topics.

When accessing databases from an off-campus location (e.g., work, home), you may be prompted to login with either your GGU4YOU Username and Password OR your family name and GGU ID number.

Office of Career Planning << back to top

The Office of Career Planning supports students in developing the skills, competencies and confidence needed for career success. Career advisors are available by scheduled appointment and drop-in appointment, and are accustomed to working remotely with students regardless of location. Log in to the Office of Career Planning to access online resources and GGU's virtual career center.

Tutoring << back to top

Tutoring services are available to all undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of mathematics and writing. Support is provided online and in-person at our San Francisco campus. Visit for schedules and submission guidelines as well as information on additional learning support resources available at GGU.

OWL (Online Writing Lab)

The OWL tutors provide online writing assistance to GGU students in the areas of grammar, mechanics, research and organization. Tutors provide feedback on the student's work and guidance through all steps of the writing process. Information for making appointments and submitting work to OWL for this term can be found here:

MOTH (Math Online Tutoring Help)

MOTH provides online quantitative tutoring for GGU classes and the help students need to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Academic Integrity
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GGU's Academic Integrity Policy is in effect at all GGU teaching locations, including regional classroom sites, corporate sites, and distance courses delivered in any medium. This policy applies to all students enrolled in the School of Accounting, the Ageno School of Business, the Braden School of Taxation, and the School of Undergraduate Studies.

Academic integrity means doing academic work in a manner that strives to achieve the learning objectives your courses have set out for you. It means that you follow the rules and procedures prescribed by your instructors so that you acquire the skills and knowledge your courses are designed to give you. It means that you engage in ethical practices in taking tests and doing assignments and that you respect intellectual property rights by fully disclosing sources of information that appear in your papers and presentations.

GGU provides many resources and services that assist you in learning the required research and documentation skills. View the Academic Integrity Policy in the GGU Catalog for more information.

Student Veterans' Services << back to top

Golden Gate University has been a proud member of the Yellow Ribbon Program since its inception in August 2009. Golden Gate University is in the top 15% nationwide of colleges and universities who have committed to a large dollar grant to the Yellow Ribbon Program for our country's Veterans to start or complete their educational goals. Contact for more information.

Disability Accommodations
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Golden Gate University seeks to ensure that all programs and services are fully accessible to students with disabilities who identify and express their needs.

Information regarding The Americans with Disabilities Acts and GGU's policies and services can be found by visiting .

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