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Welcome to the Fall Term!
If you're new to this eLearning site, now is a wonderful time to take the 12-minute long narrated eLearning student orientation that you'll find on the left side of this page.
Back It Up!: Did you take classes last term? Student access to the Summer and Summer C terms ends on September 2nd. Please make sure that you've copied or downloaded any files that you'd like to keep. After September 2nd you will not be able to retrieve any data from this past term.

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Where are my Fall Classes?:

  • If you've registered less than 24 hours ago please wait for the sync between the registration data and eLearning to take place - this will occur within @ 24 hours.
  • Don't see the link for your Fall or Fall B course that you registered for more than 24 hours ago? Positive that it has an eLearning space? We want to help! Please email and we will return your email promptly during business hours.
  • Not all in-person instructors use eLearning spaces. Ask your in-person instructor if you aren't sure whether your class will have a link on the eLearning page.
  • Don't see the Fall C term class that you registered for? You won't see Fall C term class links appear in eLearning until the first day of the Fall C term.

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